Sunday, 14 February 2010

Organising Marathon

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Amazing, I ordered these last Sunday, and they arrived on Friday! A few hours of sorting and putting these together and voila, as the French say. These sit on a shelf at the top of my stairs, it will mean going up and down the stairs to fetch papers, but at least there's no risk of the original cardboard boxes collapsing and crushing my papers! Some drawers are themed by projects so that I can pull one drawer out and know all the papers and embellishments are in one place. My Stampin' Up! paper and card is stored by colour family. I know have half my lounge back, and I now have one shelf in my big cupboard free, so perhaps I can regain my kitchen worktop as well as my lounge?
Perhaps I'll get some inspiration from the reorganising and try out some new colour combinations for you?


  1. Ohh Clare, I like the look of these. What a great way to organise cardstock.

  2. You are soooo lucky I have been drooling over these for a while now!

  3. Thanks ladies, I too have had to wait about 2 years, definately worth the wait!