Saturday, 2 October 2010

It's Here - the new catalogue!


Finally, I can reveal the contents of the new catalogue! Woohooo!

The link to the 'flash' version of the catalogue is here, you can even flick the pages like the real catalogue, none of that lovely just printed smell though.  I love the smell of new book, always have, I can distinctly remember being sat in primary school starting to read a new library book and sniffing the pages...was i destined to work with paper, perhaps.  Was I destined to usually have my nose in a book definately!...LOL

You may need to down load flash player, this is free, and won't take up too much space, even if your computer's clonky like my old laptop.

Don't forget 6-9pm party at mine on Sunday night in Ipswich, drop in, and play!

The Bedford event has moved to 13th 6-9, again drop in and's going to be at the Bedford I-Kan on Mill Street.

This is the cat stamp from the Long Fellows, a Hostess Level 2 set, they are all so cute, if a little blurred - it's the photo and not the card...LOL.  Could you hold a workshop and secure sales to get him?  I can coach you though finding guests, from friends at work to the dentist or parents from your child's school, to when to send them a reminder so that they don't forget to come!  Ask me more.

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  1. He's so sweet Clare - lovely card!

    Hope you're feeling better now.